Vaporizers are amazing devices, but they’re not indestructible. Sometimes improper care or just plain unfortunate circumstances can lead to a leaking vape device. Devices that are no longer watertight can end up leaking. Leaks can manifest as spitting or popping, both of which are uncomfortable and messy nuisances. The good news is that when you notice any of these symptoms, all is not lost. It is possible to fix or at least mitigate a leaking vape.

What causes leaks?

Leaks and all their ugly side effects occur when vape juice escapes from your tank. There are a few reasons why this might happen. 

  • Tank damage

This is the simplest and most common cause of leaks. If your tank has cracked, e-juice will surely leak out. When you notice a leak, give your tank a good once over. If you see any obvious damage, go in for a replacement. One of the biggest draws of vape mods is the ability to replace the various disparate parts, either for customization or, as is the case in this instance, repairs. 

  • Incorrect e-juice

Something that might sneak up on you is the percent of your vape juice. This varies from device to device, but you usually won’t want to dip below 70 percent VG. Anything much lower will be more likely to leak given its thin viscosity. 

  • Defective coil head

Make sure your coil head is screwed on properly. If the leaking persists, try a different coil. 

  • Worn out O-ring

Another common leak culprit. If O-rings become damaged or fall off entirely, it will compromise the air seal on your device. The good news is that O-rings are cheap and easy to replace. Replacement parts in general are not hard to come by for most devices. 

  • Improper wicking

If you have a rebuildable atomizer, you’re in charge of your own wick. If you haven’t used enough cotton, you’ll be likely to experience leaks. If you’re new to rebuildable atomizers, perfecting the wicking process could entail some trial and error. 

Simple tips to combat leaks

Sometimes damage just happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. But many leaks are the result of improper usage. You can prevent or fix leaks by following some simple tricks. 

  • Use a lid

Your vape device is pressurized to a certain extent, and if you leave it uncapped for too long, e-juice will begin to leak out. 

  • Keep your tank standing tall

Your tank is full of airflow holes and if your device spends enough time on its side, you’re setting yourself up for inevitable leakage.

  • Clean your chimney

Chimney refers to your central airflow tube. E-juice shouldn’t be in this tube, but sometimes it gets there by mistake. Take a clean paper towel to your chimney if you notice any e-juice and you’ll be good to go.

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