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  • i bought an atmos bullet 2 go, cool product and it didnt cost much at all. love it!

  • Bought a Thermos W and an Atmos Rx recently. Love them both! Needed some help with replacement parts and warranty stuff. Got absolutely excellent customer service from Brandi. She and her manger were just super. Helpful, pleasant and professional. Thanks you guys! Much appreciated!

  • Tay your awesome hope I spelled that right had a warranty issue like always no problem you guys ROCK great CUSTOMER SERVICE

  • BETHANY is the best rep AtmosRX has... I have talked to others and they are all great.. however Bethany always goes above and beyond.. I just received a replacement order along with some extras and I am impressed as always... THANK YOU BETHANY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bethany, Took my call immediately yesterday and immediately solved my problem. Today I went to the office in person and I could not have received better service. She was very helpful, informative and made my experience great!!!

  • I ordered a replacement battery for my atmos raw until that died just a few days after receiving it. Due to circumstances and situations in my life I was a week or 2 past full warranty for store credit to be issued. Bethany Tascione was amazing at getting back to me and helping me sort out my issue, got 50% off my atmos thermos order! Every time I use my atmos thermos, Bethany will come to mind with how much she helped me out. Her customer service is beyond great and definitely helps make this great company that much better :D -Thank you Atmos for being a great vaporizer company and Bethany for such outstanding customer service Carl

  • once again customer service just outstanding this time bethany takes the cake ty dear! raw pen is the best !!!!!

  • Great service, rapid response, and agressivelly great products! Brandy, best rep! V/r D

  • Bethany is the BEST. Her approach to customer service is second to none. She was courteous and extremely helpful though out the entire telephone conversation. I am in the customer service field and have never spoken to a representative that treated me in the manner that I treat my customers. Again, Bethany is the BEST.

  • Faye and Brandy are the best! Keep up the great work


Contact customer support at (855) 633-3244 or click here to chat live with one of our online representatives.


We are now implementing a 5 year limited warranty program. Please retain your receipt after purchasing your vaporizer. To be a part of the program, you must register your AtmosRX® Vaporizer online.